Primero “Tier 4” Local Server Deployment
Resources Allocation and Work Plan


Architecture for partner-hosted server

Demo server hosted by UNICEF (Primero Team responsibilities):

Production server hosted by local partners:


Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities:


Focal Point


Setting Local Production Server

Checklist for local production server

From here 

Hardware Requirement

  • Check if satisfied

Software Requirement

  • Check if satisfied

Networking Rules

  • Check if satisfied

Security Requirements

  • Check if satisfied

Data Backup and Disaster recovery

  • Check if satisfied

DNS/TLS security certificate

  • Check if satisfied

Support level agreement

  • Check if satisfied

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

Networking Rules

Security Requirements:

Please find in detail and methods for checking here

Data backups and disaster recovery

DNS/TLS Security Certificate

Support Level Agreement

Ansible for promoting Configuration

Architecture for Interoperability

Openfunction Hosting Interoperability Requirements

OpenFN will provided 2 project webhooks