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Release plan


v2.3.7 6 May 2022


  • Accepting Transfers
  • Errors on page when matching a case using the “Find Match” functionality
  • Disabled response types, such as the action plan, care plan, will no longer appear in the workflow/status bar

v2.3.3 1 April 2022


  • Translations for Ukrainian, Russian, Slovakian, Romanian, Castilian Spanish and Khmer


  • Security patches and performance improvements

v2.3.2 24 February 2022


  • Managers no longer see errors on the home/dashboard
  • The manager "Overdue Tasks" dashboard no longer shows rows for users with no overdue tasks
  • Subforms with skip logic no longer give the user an error when adding a subform entry
  • Full Name properly calculating for configurations with multiple modules
  • When translating Unique Options in the form editor, it no longer adds new and/or blank options
  • Tracing "Summary" form now appears for implementations without that form manually added to the configuration
  • Hid time for date-time fields in Nepali time picker and set a default time
  • Filtering the User Groups list by Agency no longer gives duplicate results (TSFV)
  • Reason now required for rejecting a transfer (TSFV)
  • Minor hotfix updated Rails

v2.3.0 27 January 2022


  • Able to hide “Tracing Summary” form
  • In MRMIMS+, select fields can be configured to have conditional options
  • In MRMIMS+, new design for adding, viewing, and updating Violations on MRM Incidents
  • In MRMIMS+, users can add, view, and update information on MRM Sources, Perpetrators, and Victims, directly from the Violation slider
  • In MRMIMS+, while editing a Source, Perpetrator, or Victim subform entry, users can associate one or more Violations with that entry
  • In MRMIMS+, Incident Date, Location, and Violation types now appear on the MRM Incidents list
  • In MRMIMS+, some subforms can be configured to be collapsible, letting users either display or hide all subform entries

v2.2.2 14 January 2022


  • Loading configurations now ensures new fields appear in the correct order
  • Nepali calendar and language available on date field


  • Fixed “Invalid JSON” error when creating a case if the Registration date field is included on multiple forms
  • Manager dashboard only includes users within their user group
  • Ability to apply multiple filters on “Users” list
  • Role permission for Tracing Request excel export action
  • The “Traces” subform on Tracing Requests correct displays multi-select options in view mode
  • Date field fixed on Flag modal

v2.2.1 14 December 2021


  • Improvements made on how Primero limits which fields a user can see on a case
  • Skip logic and configuration for skip logic is available on the Survivor Information and Action Plan forms
  • New role permission which allows managers to see the names of cases in the case list view
  • Reason for rejecting a referral or transfer is required
  • Date of Closure field is automatically filled out with the current date when a case is closed
  • Alert for cases with National ID value already taken by another case


  • Ability to create cases for users with view-only access to some forms
  • System Administrators can re-arrange lookup options in lookup editor
  • Date fields on reports are limited for system administrators
  • Password reset email notifications available in multiple languages

v2.2.0 03 December 2021


  • UI improvements to make Primero more accessible including new tooling, hover over buttons, improved contrast and navigations features (see video here)
  • Fixed header and optimized online/offline indicator
  • Form field styling changes and updated colours for users with disabilities (see "TRY" Primero on The Primero Support Hub here)
  • New MRM data workflows, violations list-view, tallying fields (sum of boys, girls and total), forms and roles configuration
  • New permission added to enable an "Activity Log" page on the dashboard which includes when another user accepts a transfer for your case
  • New role permission which allows supervisors to accept or reject a transfer for another user within their team
  • New form configuration which allows case workers who are planning services on their case to specify which linked incident the service addresses
  • Revoking a referral or transfer indicates it is "Revoked" instead of "Done”


  • Prevent users from creating incidents linked to other incidents
  • Responsiveness improvements, including a fixed header and making the language toggle visible on mobile devices and smaller screens
  • Improvements to consistency of font, links, and button formatting

2.1.0 18 October 2021


  • Firefox performance improvements: Improves speed when clicking from Case show page to the Case list, as well as the speed of moving between fields and forms when editing a Case
  • Dependency upgrades: Improved performance and security, Primero's dependency technologies are now supported for a longer lifespan
  • Security enhancements: Tightened protections against denial-of-service attacks
  • "Consent overwritten" attribute on transfers is no longer set to "Yes."

v2.0.8 24 September 2021


  • Add Portuguese locale
  • GBVIMS+ IR report enhancements


  • Improved incident management
  • Fixes for consent notification and consent override
  • Fixes to Arabic application strings (adding missing translations for KPIs, other components)



  • Hidden names not showing in exports
  • Transfer modal no longer asks “Transfer anyway?” if a case has provided consent for services
  • Trace names appearing on Tracing Requests list view
  • Able to search for Tracing Requests by Trace names



  • Added Swahili locale
  • Updated Kurdish and Iraqi Arabic translations
  • Able to create report on protection concerns, services and follow-up subforms
  • Child’s current care arrangement is populated by the most recent care arrangement subform


  • Configuration promotion process: Can send forms, lookups, agencies and roles from demo to production. Please watch this [configuration promotion process video.](
  • Adding new fields to a subform no longer causes record saving issues due to stale validation cache
  • Made labels in Workflow Status report consistent with workflow labels in the rest of the app
  • Resolved issues with "No Activity" filter
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with how administrators report on subforms
  • Disabled agencies no longer appear as options in the Refer and Transfer modals



  • API for managing Webhooks for Cases


  • Assign within agency permission fixed
  • Assessment approval workflow fixed
  • View details modal “display on short form” field setting fixed
  • Able to delete photo and audio files
  • Tracing Summary Form now loads while offline
  • Online/offline notification is working for all users


  • Added Badini Kurdish (ku-IQ), Guatemalan Spanish (es-GT) locales
  • Ansible deploy allows staging arbitrary TLS certificates
  • Stricter validation for admin API POST/PATCH parameters
  • Able to filter and sort by column in the “Settings”
  • Can custom export from subforms
  • Yes and No not included in the IR export for legal action
  • Responsiveness cleanup for new case slider
  • No longer receiving notification email on referral acceptance


  • Once a location is selected in a referral or a transfer, the users list will be filtered by the province or district the user works in
  • API error no longer displaying on sign-in
  • Improvements in case list loading performance for Thailand



  • Change log now showing the right "from" and "to" values
  • Required field messaging fixed for multi-select fields
  • Filtering by location shows results at a nested location (e.g. Filtering for Cases with a Current Location of "Province 1" will show cases with a current location of "Province 1:District 1"



  • Improved API validation, to prevent system outages due to unprocessable data
  • Sorting and new "Enabled / Disabled" filter on lists in the "Settings" section of Primero (i.e. Users, Roles, etc.)
  • Location "Disable" action


  • New cases created offline appear at the top of the case list
  • Sporadic login errors
  • Issues with editing subforms



  • Reporting on specific location levels (e.g. Province, District)
  • Reporting on some subforms (Services, Follow Ups, Protection Concern Details)


  • Sorting by column on the Tasks page
  • Cases randomly reorder in offline mode
  • Some fixes for Arabic text alignment and translation fallback
  • Fixing "Shared from my Team" and "Teams Workflow" dashboards
  • Addressing some issues with configuring subforms and fields with unique options in the subform editor


• 3-server deploy: Primero can be split up physically into application, search, and database servers

• System performance improvements

• Security and performance upgrades: Upgrade to CouchDB, change the Rails server (Passenger replaced with Puma)


• Improvements to FTR: configurable FTR criteria. case to trace matching. Watch our short video here.

• Duplicates reporting. Watch our short video here.

• Refined referrals and transfers: system enforced referral pathways. Watch our short video here.

• Language toggle and support for more than 2 simultaneous languages. Watch our short video here.

• Support for Indonesian, Kurdish

• Support for a high number of locations (Admin 4, 5)

• Improved user, agency management


• Preview case without access to the case. Watch our short video here.

• FTR functionality: match tracing requests to cases. Watch our short video here.

• System-level configurable Matching criteria. Watch the last minute of our short video here.

• Add incident and service provision to the case without full access to the case in one action. Watch our short video here.

• Request transfer of case that isn’t owned by you. Watch our short video here.

• National ID duplicate report. Watch our short video here.

• The ability to make notes by a supervisor on a case they cannot edit

• Configurable UNHCR export. Watch our short video here.

• Audit log exposed to system administrator. Watch our short video here

• Adding support for Bangla, Somali, Thai, Burmese

• Security updates; upgrade to Rails 5


CPIMS+ v1.5 was released on Jan 30 2018

• Compatibility with Primero mobile app v3.0.x

• Required fields on nested subforms

• Workflow status bar improvements, improved dashboards for workflow

• Improved internationalization: Sub-locales and support for Arabic (Lebanon), bug fixes, improved RTL and Arabic rendering

• Scheduled tasks tab

• Configurable case list filters

• Role for agency user administration

• Role improvements for limited national administrator

• Email alerts for approvals, referrals, and transfers

• Incorporating Transifex in the application translation process


• Arabic users and form translations


CPIMS+ v1.4 was released on Sep 21, 2017

GBVIMS+ v1.4 was released on Dec 13, 2018

• Dashboard UI improvements

• New forms

• Arabic translations are available

• Improvements made to the configuration bundle import


GBVIMS+ v1.3 was released on Oct 17, 2018

• Updates made to improve the seed forms and fields