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Release plan


v2.5.4 12 January 2023


  • Skip logic to new fields
  • Locked lookups to prevent changes and made miscellaneous MRM configuration changes for MRMIMS+ Administrators
  • Updated supported storage providers for CPIMS+ Romania
  • Removed “assign” from case list for CPIMS+ users
  • “Closed this week” and “Closed last week” in Cases by Location dashboard for CPIMS+ users
  • Managers editing reports no longer add their own user group as a filter for CPIMS+ users
  • Fixed editing report filters for CPIMS+ users
  • Duplicate export includes records whose IDs have dashes for CPIMS+ users
  • GBV Monitoring and Evaluation form in Transifex for GBVIMS+ users
  • Fixed authentication issues with some single-sign on providers
  • Minor performance improvements

v2.5.3.1 8 December 2022


  • Nightly update for ages no longer re-opens closed cases
  • Agency logos appearing on implementations with single-sign on enabled
  • Updated wording in the “Visibility” section of the form editor for forms or fields to be more clear
  • Security updates

v2.5.3 31 November 2022


  • Skip logic: Administrators can set conditions for fields on forms and fields Fixes:
  • In the IR export, the fields “Is the Survivor a Person with Disabilities?” and “Has the client had any previous incidents of GBV perpetrated against them?” are exported correctly for GBV Administrators
  • Locations dropdowns and filters only display the admin level used for their reporting location for all users including CPIMS+ Iraq
  • Insights are accessible to users with access for MRMIMS+ users
  • Accurate dashboard counts correctly display based on the user’s user groups for MRMIMS+ users
  • Users on tablets can read guidance text when its field is at the bottom of a form for MRMIMS+ users
  • Fixed “Do not display empty rows” reports permission to have accurate graphs
  • Demo bar in all demo sites no longer hide save or cancel buttons

v2.5.2.2 24 November 2022


  • Patch for database performance issues with Eastern Caribbean (released to prod as well on November 17 with sandbox deploy for EC only)
  • Querying dashboard flags and user groups
  • Agency logos fetching once instead of multiple times

v2.5.2.1 17 November 2022


  • Implementations who use Primero Identity able to see new log in user-interface for Romania CPIMS+
  • Performance Improvements: optimizing alert queries to prevent loading issues for cases with many referrals

v2.5.2 3 November 2022


  • Updated the log in page for instances with single-sign on
  • Late verification filter with new label and options for MRMIMS+ Users
  • All roles updated based on feedback from MRM team for MRMIMS+ Users
  • Oromiffa, Amharic and Somali translations for CPIMS+ forms for CPIMS+ users including Ethiopia CPIMS+
  • Assessment workflow status, location type options and approvals enabled for any new deployment for CPIMS+ users


  • System administrators can now sort users and lookups lists for all users including Iraq and Trinidad CPIMS+
  • Reporting Location filter (e.g. "District" or "Province" filter) no longer shows multiple of each option for all users including Iraq CPIMS+

v2.5.1 20 October 2022


  • Added Oromo, Somali and Amharic locale
  • Increased attachment/document upload size to 20 MB
  • For MRMIMS+, incidents list now has "Record Owner" and "Agency" filters


  • For MRMIMS+, fixed MRM Violations Exporter
  • For MRMIMS+, All MRM roles have access to the new MRM dashboards
  • For MRMIMS+, "Filter Category" select box from Incidents list no longer appears on Case list for superusers

v2.5.0 29 September 2022


  • Administrators can create reports on the following fields:
    • Caseworker Code (record owner)
    • Created-by user
    • Created-by user groups
    • Owned-by user groups
  • For Digital Public Good Users and in-country hosted infrastructure engineers (Tier 4) only: in version 2.5 we are releasing compatibility with PostgreS 14 but not upgrading to PostgreS 14. We are releasing instructions on Github. In v2.6 we will make PostgreS 14 the default, and will maintain backwards compatibility with PostgreS 10, however Postgres 10 will no longer be supported by PostgreS themselves.
  • For MRMIMS+, updated user interface to v2 for Incident and Violation management
  • For MRMIMS+, divided “Attacks on Schools and Hospitals” into 2 distinct types
  • For MRMIMS+, MRM Violations Insights and enhanced click-throughs for children with multiple violations
  • For MRMIMS+, new Global Horizontal Note (GHN) field, filter and Insight sub-report
  • For MRMIMS+, updated MRMIMS+ Incident and Violations forms based on user feedback
  • For MRMIMS+, MRM Violations export from the MRM Incidents list
  • For MRMIMS+, Incident list filters:
    • Violations-specific filters on the MRM Incidents list.
    • Individual Victim-specific filters on the MRM Incidents list.
    • New Filter Category dropdown for organizing filters on the MRM Incidents list.
    • Added new date filters to the MRM Incidents list
  • For MRMIMS+, Dashboards:
    • Violation Types by Region dashboard
    • Number of Incidents by Perpetrator dashboard
    • Verification Status by Violation Type dashboard


  • Cases with an age of zero no longer appear with a blank age in the Case List
  • Disabled locations no longer appear as available options when users are filling in a location field
  • When clicking back to the records list from a record, previous filters stay applied
  • Able to generate Excel exports in the user’s current language
  • Commas in report labels and/or multiple attributes no longer cause formatting issues when exporting to CSV
  • For CPIMS+, protection concerns filter no longer disappears if one of the “protection concerns” fields is hidden

v2.4.3.2 12 September 2022


  • Spanish translations for CPIMS+ CMTF Forms


  • Mandatory field alerts to only appear after saving a case or incident

v2.4.3 1 September 2022


  • Users can re-try to sync any data that was collected while offline in the Support tab
  • Field Mode turned on for Brazil and Ethiopia to test
  • Create reports based on admin 0 (country-level reporting)


  • IR exporter correctly includes yes and no fields and Incident Recorder ID for GBVIMS+ users
  • GBV Insight filter by the "Date of Incident" field by default for GBVIMS+ users
  • Able to clear information from subforms
  • Able to reorder unique options for dropdown fields within a subform
  • No longer seeing JSON error when unchecking “receive notification emails” checkbox in user profile
  • Users are able to receive a welcome email and password reset email even when they have unchecked “receive notification emails” checkbox
  • Required field indicator appears after saving a subform and not prior to saving
  • Users with email notifications turned on will receive cases assigned to you for CPIMS+ users
  • Arabic application strings updated for CPIMS+ users
  • Nepali calendar updated to Nepali date format for CPIMS+ users
  • Single-sign on from SCI, and users with both upper and lower case emails can log in for CPIMS+ users
  • Configuration Promotion role no longer appearing in External Referral for CPIMS+ users

v2.4.2.3 18 August 2022


  • Nepali calendar dates showing in Nepali format
  • Emails with temporary passwords and removed “.” at the end of the temporary password
  • Radio button value not appearing on the first form to appear

v2.4.2.2 22 July 2022


  • Latest application string translations including Amharic, Oromiffa, Somali, Arabic (Sudan), Bangla, Spanish (Castillian), Spanish (Guatemala), Spanish (Standard), French, Bahasa, Khmer, Kurdish (Badini), Kurdish (Sorani), Nepali, Portuguese (Standard), Swahili (Tanzania) and Thai


  • Emails with temporary passwords and removed “.” at the end of the temporary password
  • Upgraded Rails and Rails HTML Sanitizer dependencies for security purposes

v2.4.2 7 July 2022


  • Disabled and hidden fields no longer treated as “required”
  • Offline case workers can sort by whether or not they are available for offline use
  • Clicking the Cases by Social Worker dashboard now shows cases for the right user
  • Sex/Gender values display properly in the preview modal for search results
  • FTR users can view Tracing Request and Case photos and audio in the comparison modal
  • Agency administrators' reports reflect Cases which have been referred to their users
  • All pages with lists now sort in both ascending and descending order
  • GBVIMS+ Users: Vulnerable Populations Insight now only includes rows for relevant Survivor categories
  • GBVIMS+ Users: Referrals tab of Insight now showing relevant data for the "Referrals to other service providers" sub-report

v2.4.1.1 17 June 2022


  • Record data entry performance improvements
  • Dependency security patches
  • Updated Myanmar translations


  • Romanian and Ukrainian dates render correctly in the record forms
  • Report list
  • Location dashboard crashing for untranslated locations

v2.4.1 17 June 2022


  • MRMIMS+ Users: Insights and Statistical Reporting including Military Use of Schools/Hospitals and Global Horizontal Note (GHN)
  • GBVIMS+ Users: Insights and Statistical Reporting including Case Context, Vulnerable Populations, Incidents for Rape (elapsed time between incident report for Incidents which received services), Referrals
  • MRMIMS+ Users: Fields for children with multiple violations
  • MRMIMS+ Users: Skip logic and field configuration


  • GBVIMS+ Users: Insights and Statistical Reporting including order of sub-reports and rows within sub-reports
  • Tally fields UI
  • Editing date fields with "cannot be in future" validation

v2.4.0 27 May 2022


  • Ability to add a tally field into a form as an administrator
  • Ability to “Mark” a case for offline editing instead of clicking on the case (Note: this feature works per device)
  • GBVIMS+ and MRMIMS+ Users: Insights and Statistical Reporting
  • GBVIMS+ and MRMIMS+ Users: Export for Insights
  • GBVIMS+ and MRMIMS+ Users: Filtering Insights, including default filters where all insights have a set of filters which is applied automatically
  • GBVIMS+ and MRMIMS+ Users: Insight table and graph data are grouped by date ranges which are selected by the user
  • MRMIMS+ Users: Ability to display forms only if a certain field has a certain value
  • MRMIMS+ Users: Ability to create an incident
  • MRMIMS+ Users: Ability to add violations to an incident
  • MRMIMS+ Users: Ability to specify Individual Victims, Perpetrators, Group Victims, Sources, Responses for a violation which also appears under the “Additional Details” form group


  • Configuration of radio buttons in the form editor as an administrator
  • Agency User Administrator users are able to see users in the users list page with the permission “View (Agency Read)”
  • Once you create a case offline, you can navigate to another tab and click back into the case
  • CPIMS+ Users: All dashboard counts for users
  • CPIMS+ Users: Users with the assign-within-group permission are able to assign cases only to users in their own groups
  • CPIMS+ Users: Disabled options in the Response Type lookups should no longer appear in the Workflow Status menu
  • CPIMS+ Users: Duplicate ID export exports cases which have the same value for the National ID field
  • CPIMS+ Users: If you set service provider name as a collapsed field on the services subform, when the service provider logs in, they will see their own username on the collapsed subform
  • CPIMS+ Users: Adding multiple documents in the “Other Documents” form
  • CPIMS+ Users: Arabic user interface icons

v2.3.7 6 May 2022


  • Accepting Transfers
  • Errors on page when matching a case using the “Find Match” functionality
  • Disabled response types, such as the action plan, care plan, will no longer appear in the workflow/status bar

v2.3.3 1 April 2022


  • Translations for Ukrainian, Russian, Slovakian, Romanian, Castilian Spanish and Khmer


  • Security patches and performance improvements

v2.3.2 24 February 2022


  • Managers no longer see errors on the home/dashboard
  • The manager "Overdue Tasks" dashboard no longer shows rows for users with no overdue tasks
  • Subforms with skip logic no longer give the user an error when adding a subform entry
  • Full Name properly calculating for configurations with multiple modules
  • When translating Unique Options in the form editor, it no longer adds new and/or blank options
  • Tracing "Summary" form now appears for implementations without that form manually added to the configuration
  • Hid time for date-time fields in Nepali time picker and set a default time
  • Filtering the User Groups list by Agency no longer gives duplicate results (TSFV)
  • Reason now required for rejecting a transfer (TSFV)
  • Minor hotfix updated Rails

v2.3.0 27 January 2022


  • Able to hide “Tracing Summary” form
  • In MRMIMS+, select fields can be configured to have conditional options
  • In MRMIMS+, new design for adding, viewing, and updating Violations on MRM Incidents
  • In MRMIMS+, users can add, view, and update information on MRM Sources, Perpetrators, and Victims, directly from the Violation slider
  • In MRMIMS+, while editing a Source, Perpetrator, or Victim subform entry, users can associate one or more Violations with that entry
  • In MRMIMS+, Incident Date, Location, and Violation types now appear on the MRM Incidents list
  • In MRMIMS+, some subforms can be configured to be collapsible, letting users either display or hide all subform entries

v2.2.2 14 January 2022


  • Loading configurations now ensures new fields appear in the correct order
  • Nepali calendar and language available on date field


  • Fixed “Invalid JSON” error when creating a case if the Registration date field is included on multiple forms
  • Manager dashboard only includes users within their user group
  • Ability to apply multiple filters on “Users” list
  • Role permission for Tracing Request excel export action
  • The “Traces” subform on Tracing Requests correct displays multi-select options in view mode
  • Date field fixed on Flag modal

v2.2.1 14 December 2021


  • Improvements made on how Primero limits which fields a user can see on a case
  • Skip logic and configuration for skip logic is available on the Survivor Information and Action Plan forms
  • New role permission which allows managers to see the names of cases in the case list view
  • Reason for rejecting a referral or transfer is required
  • Date of Closure field is automatically filled out with the current date when a case is closed
  • Alert for cases with National ID value already taken by another case


  • Ability to create cases for users with view-only access to some forms
  • System Administrators can re-arrange lookup options in lookup editor
  • Date fields on reports are limited for system administrators
  • Password reset email notifications available in multiple languages

v2.2.0 03 December 2021


  • UI improvements to make Primero more accessible including new tooling, hover over buttons, improved contrast and navigations features (see video here)
  • Fixed header and optimized online/offline indicator
  • Form field styling changes and updated colours for users with disabilities (see "TRY" Primero on The Primero Support Hub here)
  • New MRM data workflows, violations list-view, tallying fields (sum of boys, girls and total), forms and roles configuration
  • New permission added to enable an "Activity Log" page on the dashboard which includes when another user accepts a transfer for your case
  • New role permission which allows supervisors to accept or reject a transfer for another user within their team
  • New form configuration which allows case workers who are planning services on their case to specify which linked incident the service addresses
  • Revoking a referral or transfer indicates it is "Revoked" instead of "Done”


  • Prevent users from creating incidents linked to other incidents
  • Responsiveness improvements, including a fixed header and making the language toggle visible on mobile devices and smaller screens
  • Improvements to consistency of font, links, and button formatting

2.1.0 18 October 2021


  • Firefox performance improvements: Improves speed when clicking from Case show page to the Case list, as well as the speed of moving between fields and forms when editing a Case
  • Dependency upgrades: Improved performance and security, Primero's dependency technologies are now supported for a longer lifespan
  • Security enhancements: Tightened protections against denial-of-service attacks
  • "Consent overwritten" attribute on transfers is no longer set to "Yes."

v2.0.8 24 September 2021


  • Add Portuguese locale
  • GBVIMS+ IR report enhancements


  • Improved incident management
  • Fixes for consent notification and consent override
  • Fixes to Arabic application strings (adding missing translations for KPIs, other components)



  • Hidden names not showing in exports
  • Transfer modal no longer asks “Transfer anyway?” if a case has provided consent for services
  • Trace names appearing on Tracing Requests list view
  • Able to search for Tracing Requests by Trace names



  • Added Swahili locale
  • Updated Kurdish and Iraqi Arabic translations
  • Able to create report on protection concerns, services and follow-up subforms
  • Child’s current care arrangement is populated by the most recent care arrangement subform


  • Configuration promotion process: Can send forms, lookups, agencies and roles from demo to production. Please watch this [configuration promotion process video.](
  • Adding new fields to a subform no longer causes record saving issues due to stale validation cache
  • Made labels in Workflow Status report consistent with workflow labels in the rest of the app
  • Resolved issues with "No Activity" filter
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with how administrators report on subforms
  • Disabled agencies no longer appear as options in the Refer and Transfer modals



  • API for managing Webhooks for Cases


  • Assign within agency permission fixed
  • Assessment approval workflow fixed
  • View details modal “display on short form” field setting fixed
  • Able to delete photo and audio files
  • Tracing Summary Form now loads while offline
  • Online/offline notification is working for all users


  • Added Badini Kurdish (ku-IQ), Guatemalan Spanish (es-GT) locales
  • Ansible deploy allows staging arbitrary TLS certificates
  • Stricter validation for admin API POST/PATCH parameters
  • Able to filter and sort by column in the “Settings”
  • Can custom export from subforms
  • Yes and No not included in the IR export for legal action
  • Responsiveness cleanup for new case slider
  • No longer receiving notification email on referral acceptance


  • Once a location is selected in a referral or a transfer, the users list will be filtered by the province or district the user works in
  • API error no longer displaying on sign-in
  • Improvements in case list loading performance for Thailand



  • Change log now showing the right "from" and "to" values
  • Required field messaging fixed for multi-select fields
  • Filtering by location shows results at a nested location (e.g. Filtering for Cases with a Current Location of "Province 1" will show cases with a current location of "Province 1:District 1"



  • Improved API validation, to prevent system outages due to unprocessable data
  • Sorting and new "Enabled / Disabled" filter on lists in the "Settings" section of Primero (i.e. Users, Roles, etc.)
  • Location "Disable" action


  • New cases created offline appear at the top of the case list
  • Sporadic login errors
  • Issues with editing subforms



  • Reporting on specific location levels (e.g. Province, District)
  • Reporting on some subforms (Services, Follow Ups, Protection Concern Details)


  • Sorting by column on the Tasks page
  • Cases randomly reorder in offline mode
  • Some fixes for Arabic text alignment and translation fallback
  • Fixing "Shared from my Team" and "Teams Workflow" dashboards
  • Addressing some issues with configuring subforms and fields with unique options in the subform editor


• 3-server deploy: Primero can be split up physically into application, search, and database servers

• System performance improvements

• Security and performance upgrades: Upgrade to CouchDB, change the Rails server (Passenger replaced with Puma)


• Improvements to FTR: configurable FTR criteria. case to trace matching. Watch our short video here.

• Duplicates reporting. Watch our short video here.

• Refined referrals and transfers: system enforced referral pathways. Watch our short video here.

• Language toggle and support for more than 2 simultaneous languages. Watch our short video here.

• Support for Indonesian, Kurdish

• Support for a high number of locations (Admin 4, 5)

• Improved user, agency management


• Preview case without access to the case. Watch our short video here.

• FTR functionality: match tracing requests to cases. Watch our short video here.

• System-level configurable Matching criteria. Watch the last minute of our short video here.

• Add incident and service provision to the case without full access to the case in one action. Watch our short video here.

• Request transfer of case that isn’t owned by you. Watch our short video here.

• National ID duplicate report. Watch our short video here.

• The ability to make notes by a supervisor on a case they cannot edit

• Configurable UNHCR export. Watch our short video here.

• Audit log exposed to system administrator. Watch our short video here

• Adding support for Bangla, Somali, Thai, Burmese

• Security updates; upgrade to Rails 5


CPIMS+ v1.5 was released on Jan 30 2018

• Compatibility with Primero mobile app v3.0.x

• Required fields on nested subforms

• Workflow status bar improvements, improved dashboards for workflow

• Improved internationalization: Sub-locales and support for Arabic (Lebanon), bug fixes, improved RTL and Arabic rendering

• Scheduled tasks tab

• Configurable case list filters

• Role for agency user administration

• Role improvements for limited national administrator

• Email alerts for approvals, referrals, and transfers

• Incorporating Transifex in the application translation process


• Arabic users and form translations


CPIMS+ v1.4 was released on Sep 21, 2017

GBVIMS+ v1.4 was released on Dec 13, 2018

• Dashboard UI improvements

• New forms

• Arabic translations are available

• Improvements made to the configuration bundle import


GBVIMS+ v1.3 was released on Oct 17, 2018

• Updates made to improve the seed forms and fields